Refillable Surface Wiping Systems

Rectangular Bucket & Wipes Kit


Starter kit contains a reusable, institutional grade bucket with carry handle, and extra-large CLASSIC® towels to use with your preferred liquid chemical solution to create a customized soak & wipe system for cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting.

Part #: 97107 Category: Description: 1 rectangular bucket with carry handle and hinged lid plus 6 poly bags of 50 extra-large disposable towels (300 towels)


CLASSIC towels are made from thick, high performance apertured material designed to absorb liquid chemical and release it effectively onto hard non-porous surfaces. Super sized 12×13-inch towels allow for faster coverage in large areas.

Use your preferred chemical with confidence because CLASSIC towels are compatible with all commonly used sanitizers and disinfectants.

To create a customized soak & wipe system for cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting, simply fill out and apply the supplied GHS-compliant label to the bucket and place CLASSIC towels inside. Prepare your preferred liquid chemical according to the manufacturer’s instructions, pour it evenly over the wipers, and securely close the lid to prevent spills and keep contaminants out.

  • DIY wet wipes kit to use with your own cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting solution
  • Reusable bucket reduces plastic waste
  • High capacity, portable bucket is ideal for high traffic areas where repeated surface cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting is required


Weight15 lbs
Dimensions19 × 13 × 8 in
Wiper Size



(6) 50-count poly bags, 1/4 fold

Master Case Qty

300 towels, 1 bucket


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