The Right Way To Sanitize And Clean

The likelihood of food contamination is high if you do not prioritize increased levels of cleanliness and sanitization in your establishment. Cleaning is necessary to remove dirt and food remnants from surfaces, while sanitization helps keep pathogen numbers on all surfaces at safe levels. 

How To Use Wiping Cloths The Right Way 

You need to follow the proper cleaning and wiping process for a thorough clean. Here are some helpful pointers:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s specifications carefully when using cleaners
  • Use sanitizers in the appropriate manner 
  • Only use chemicals that are approved for use in a food service operation
  • Clean, rinse and air-dry all surfaces that come in contact with food 
  • Clean and sanitize all food-contact surfaces after using them and before switching the type of food prepared there. 
  • You must also follow the same process after handling various raw temperature-controlled vegetables and fruits 
  • Anytime your employees are interrupted in their work, which leaves a window open for likely contamination 
  • Replace the cloths after four hours of use 
  • Once you use cloths for wiping food spills, please do not use them for any other purpose 
  • Keep a sanitizer solution handy and store all the wet wiping cloths you use for wiping equipment surfaces and prep tables in it between uses.
  • Use dry cloths to wipe food spills from utensils and tableware during service.

Although using appropriate cleaning methods is crucial in food establishments, you also need the right products, and this is where Pro Series Wipers come in. 

Benefits Of Pro Series Wipes 

There are many benefits to using our professional-grade wipers; here is a look at some of them:

  • Color coding helps avoid cross-contamination
  • You benefit from cost savings 
  • Every towel from the box is consistently fresh and clean, which helps you maintain higher hygiene levels 
  • Our Pro Series dry wipes and wet wipe perform and feel like cloth towels, so you never have to worry about losing out on function or usability when using our products
  • You can rinse them quickly, which makes them even more like cloth towels
  • Our superior towels last reliable even when used extensively in a complete 4-hour shift

They are incredibly durable, and you can also launder them if required, but it’s best to replace them at the end of the shift. This step helps ensure that you have fresh, clean, and 100% hygienic professional wipers to use during the subsequent cleaning of your foodservice establishment. Cleanliness is paramount in these settings and not something you want to compromise on. It becomes easy for you to maintain the highest sanitation levels possible with our PRO-SERIES wipers. 

When you do not compromise on keeping your food establishment perfectly cleaned and sanitized, the importance of opting for the best products cannot be stressed enough. At MDI, we manufactured a wide range of professional-grade dry wipes. These non-woven products deliver value and performance across a variety of environments. 

Whether you need general purpose wipes, high-performance wipers or specialty towels and wipes, we have the solution for you. Feel free to browse our website and contact us at 800-333-0900 for queries about MDI’s PRO-SERIES Wipers. 

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