Refillable Surface Wiping Systems

Flexible Systems Designed for Your Unique Needs

Create custom wiping systems with dispensing buckets designed for use with PRO-SERIES® dry wipers. This system provides flexibility to pre-moisten bulk wipes with the liquid chemical of your choice to meet facility-specific needs.

Professional Grade Solutions
Available in Multiple Formats

Surface care in high traffic institutional settings calls for large format, heavy duty professional grade wipers to cover large areas effectively. MDI’s PRO-SERIES dry wipes are available in multiple material grades in both folded and roll formats to accommodate various user needs. Pair PRO-SERIES dry wipers with our high quality, refillable dispensing buckets with locking lids and carry handles to create custom closed bucket wiping systems that are more efficient and cost effective than open bucket or spray & wipe systems. These reusable, refillable buckets are an excellent alternative to throw-away canisters.

PRO-SERIES Wipers refilllable dispenser bucket from starter kit #97801 being placed on a cleaning cart
To purchase standalone charging buckets, refill wipes, or starter kits comprised of wipes and buckets, please contact us directly.

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