Working Diligently for the Future

At MDI, we believe in responsibly using resources for the benefit of future generations. Through the implementation of sustainable business and manufacturing practices, we strive to conduct our operations in a way that minimizes environmental stress and creates a safe, healthy workplace for employees. MDI will continue to provide customers the highest quality products and service – while being considerate of our environmental impact at all stages of the value chain.

  • Procure environmentally preferable raw materials as available, such as 40% post-consumer recycled and biodegradable
  • Use SFI®-certified corrugated suppliers
  • Source domestically and use rail transport where possible to obtain the highest quality service with the fewest emissions
  • Work with mill partners to repurpose parent roll material unsuitable for other industries into industrial wiping products – diverting the material from the waste stream
  • 325.5 kW rooftop solar array with 1,302 PV solar panels generates over 380,000 kWh each year to power the grid and reduce carbon emissions by 500 metric tons of CO2 annually
  • Zero waste to landfill: 100% of office and production waste is either recycled or used to make electricity
  • Empty production roll cores go through multiple reuse before being recycled
  • Rugged computing devices and e-documentation throughout the facility reduce paper usage
  • Production machinery regularly upgraded to run efficiently over fewer shifts
  • Motion-sensors and LED lights throughout our facilities maximize efficiency and as a result eliminate the equivalent of 240 metric tons of CO2 annually
  • Lift trucks powered by rechargeable batteries have replaced propane power, reducing material handling energy use by 30% and improving workplace air quality
  • Develop smart and innovative products that cut waste by right-sizing wipers for packaging, palletization and end use
  • Design packaging with minimal footprint and optimize palletization for increased loadability and reduced fuel use 
  • Industry-leading use of recyclable shrink-wrap in place of outer corrugated cartons to drastically reduce waste