The Best All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes

In high-traffic institutional spaces’ surface care, you need heavy-duty, large format, professional-grade wipers. It’s the only way to cover larger areas more efficiently. We at MDI recognize this, and it’s why we make our PRO-SERIES wipes in various material grades. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from roll formats like half-folded and quarter-folded rolls. 

In addition to these products, we also have refillable dispensing buckets to help you create customized wet wipe systems. Maintaining high levels of cleanliness and sanitization is high on the priority list of owners and managers of food service establishments. Since these aren’t aspects that you can compromise on, you need the best all-purpose cleaning wipes for these properties. 

Benefits Of MDI’s PRO-SERIES® CLASSIC® Towels 

At MDI, we have brought to market superior quality wipers for cleaning and sanitization in various settings. Our Classic towels are the best all-purpose wipes for many reasons, including:

  • Ideal for washing surfaces as they quickly pick up and hold all types of debris 
  • Ideal for rinsing surfaces 
  • Specially designed to release sanitizing solution to various surfaces quickly
  • Are incredibly durable and won’t disintegrate after being placed in the sanitizer bucket 
  • Our CLASSIC towels won’t reduce the sanitizing solution’s effectiveness or ‘quat-binding.’ (certain varieties of nonwoven towels will quickly quat-bind and are ineffective for surface sanitization)
  • Whenever a server needs a clean, dry cloth, they can reach for a fresh PRO-SERIES CLASSIC towel right out of the box and use it without worry
  • Can save your foodservice establishment a significant amount of money when used in place of laundered linen that has recurring costs like charges for losses and hidden fees etc

Improving Efficiency And Safety In The Sanitization Process 

MDI offers the same wipes with antimicrobial product treatment that helps prevent odors and stains from developing on the towels. This aspect helps provide better surface protection where it is most crucial. We have various categories of foodservice cleaning towels varying in durability, performance, size, and duration of use. You can find suitable towels to meet your facility’s specific applications and work with your designated cleaning and sanitizing protocols. 

Some Helpful Cleaning and Sanitizing Tips 

We have these wipes in different colors, and it’s best to adopt a color-coded system for cleaning and sanitization in your establishment. Assign one color for sanitizing and another for disinfecting the surfaces. This simple step helps avoid confusion about which towel you need to use for a specific purpose, keeping your customers and staff safe. 

Clean and sanitize all your reusable menus. If your establishment has paper menus, dispose of them after every customer use. Plan cleaning and sanitizing schedules for all back-house areas as per your needs and always keep disinfectant wipes away from all food contact surfaces. Using the best all-purpose wipes and the correct cleaning protocols helps ensure that your foodservice establishment stays clean and well sanitized at all times. Whether you need general purpose wipes, high-performance wipers, or specialty towels and wipes, we have the solution for you. Feel free to browse our website and contact us at 800-333-0900 for queries about MDI’s PRO-SERIES Wipers.

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